Sexual Purity in An Immorality-Infested Society

For this is the will of God, your sanctification:that you abstain from sexual immorality (1 Thess. 4:3 ESV)

sexual immorality was the cause of the fire on Sodom and Gomorrah

Paul expressly reveals the will of God to us by the Spirit above. God wants us to abstain, refrain, stay away from, and even flee from sexual immorality. The Lord is not naive in making this statement to a generation such as ours.

Did He know about the society we will be living in before making this statement? Did he know that the enticement to commit sexual sin will so much fill every aspect of culture that you will almost be shunned if you dare to be sexually pure? Did God know that the overwhelming majority of what you will watch on TV might expose your eyes to sexual lust within an hour that Abraham in his days did not encounter in his entire lifetime?

Yes, the Lord knew the culture we will be living in. He provided more grace for you to handle the society around by His Spirit.

Satan has a vested interest in sexual sin. He knows it is humanity’s softest spot for sin. It is the sin that has the most enticing lusts which he also knows he has the highest chances of success with many in today’s world. The saddest part of this is to see how the Church struggles with the same sin as much as the world does. How terrible it is to see the world’s culture getting into the Church in the name of being modern or creating a welcoming environment for the lost!

God’s will for you is to abstain from sexual immorality. Beware brethren, for the times are evil. He wants you to live a sexually pure life in the midst of a culture full of darkness and sin.


Why do you think the enemy has a vested interested in polluting world’s  Television stations, songs, magazines, websites, ads, dressings, etc with sexually appealing enticements?


Beware of sexual impurity. It might be society’s norm, even in some so-called Christian circles, but the Lord does not change. The world hails its own, but when  Christ comes, the first shall be last while the last will be first. Do not let your love for God grow cold because of sin.


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to help you maintain sexual purity in an immorality-infested world. Then ask Him to help you to not put yourself in temptation by your eyes, ears, or even words and actions.

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