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Recognizing and acknowledging the Holy Spirit’s activity in your life

But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel (Acts 2:16 KJV)

Serving God—daily devotions

One of the biggest obstacles we have in cooperating with the Holy Spirit will be recognizing His activities or works in our lives. Often, God speaks to us or does things in our lives, and we do not know or better still recognize Him as the Author of those activities. When we fail to acknowledge Him, we risk losing the entire work or miracle because we will not cooperate.

Two significant reasons, amongst others, hinder most of us from recognizing the Spirit in our lives. The first is that many of us have been spiritually conditioned and trained to think the Spirit’s work in our lives will always be spectacular or dramatic. The second reason is closely related to the first. The Spirit often works through and in our normal daily activities, e.g., speaking to you in your thoughts, rather than you hearing a deep voice from heaven like the day Jesus was baptized!

When the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost, the entire city of Jerusalem was shaken. Peter recognized it was what the prophets had spoken about. However, do not always wait for a city-shaking dramatic move of the Spirit. You can slowly train yourself to know the Spirit’s activities in your life as you grow in intimacy with Him. When you recognize it is the Spirit, encourage that activity as needed. As you learn to recognize, appreciate, and respond to the Spirit, His actions will multiply in your life. Many of us have unknowingly quenched the Spirit’s works in our lives by failing to recognize Him. Be sensitive. 


What do you think possibly happens when the Spirit is working in your life and so whatever reason you fail to recognize that it is the Holy Spirit?


Spiritual sensitivity can be built. All you need to do is to start paying attention to what is happening in your life. Pray and ask Him if you think it is the Spirit and trust He will respond. Recognize, acknowledge, and respond to the Spirit to grow in your operation with Him.


Ask the Spirit to help you become more sensitive to what He is doing in you. 

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