Put on the Lord Jesus Christ

But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof (Romans 13:14, KJV)

The Apostle Paul gives us an interesting exhortation in the verse above, where he says, “put on the Lord Jesus Christ.” The phrase “put on” is one word in the Greek, which is the verb used when putting  on one’s clothes or to dress up. So the Apostle Paul is asking us to put on the Lord Jesus as our clothing! What is the message here?

Your clothing or dress represents what is outward and visible about you. Whatever is in your heart is hidden from everyone else except you and God. Nobody sees the thoughts, feelings, desires, motivations, ideas, etc that you have until you make them known. Your behavior, which grossly encompasses your words and actions, reveal what is in your heart. When the scripture talks about putting on Jesus, it refers to putting on the character of Christ as you relate with people. For example, the Bible tells us to be clothed with humility. That means be humble, in your behavior, in the way you talk and act towards other people, which is what they see about you.

Christ is a heavenly garment God wants us to clothe ourselves with. What do people see when you talk and do things? That is the clothing you are putting it. Let is Christlikeness in character.


Scripture talks about putting on Christ as clothing in two distinct dimensions. What is the meaning of putting on Christ in Gal. 3:27 and how does it relate to the meaning above?


You are putting on some garment, whether you know it or not. And that garment is telling a story about you. It  is seen through your words and actions. The Lord wants that garment to tell the story about Him. Rather than putting on the ugly robe of anger and bitterness, for example, put on the white robe of forgiveness and gentleness!


Ask the Spirit to make you the visible display of Christ to your world in your character.  

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