Prerequisites for the Coming Move of God

For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And gross darkness the people: But the LORD shall arise upon thee, And his glory shall be seen upon thee(Isaiah 60:2 KJV)

The Holy Spirit is brooding over the earth as He did in Genesis 1:2, ready for a glorious move. He speaks expressly in our hearts that the Father is preparing something beautiful for His people before His Son returns. However, let me share a few mandatory prerequisites for this coming move of the Spirit.

First, there will be a cleansing of the Temple— not buildings, but God’s people individually and as a community. In a recent Deshen Daily devotional, I discussed the cleansing from greed that will take place. Besides greed, God will expose false ministers and false brethren amongst His people. Finally, He will sanctify us, removing sins and weights that hinder His plans for our lives. 

Second, along with cleansing, the Lord will shake Church and ministry leaders to establish His purposes. He sets up leaders of ministries and Churches, but human weakness often takes over, and these leaders sometimes do not cooperate with Him as He wants. Since He has to use people to reach people, He will either take the uncooperating leaders out of the way or bypass them.

Third, He will pour out a spirit of prayer and maturity in the Word to usher in and sustain the move. Since this glorious movement is not merely displaying charismatic gifts but bringing the children to the fullness of Christlike maturity, it will take more than prayer to trigger this move. God’s people will have to be rooted and grounded in the truth of the Word and walk in it as mature children. 

So the Spirit is preparing His people in various ways, including cleansing, realigning leadership, and reigniting prayer and maturity in the Word.

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What are the three prerequisites for the coming move of the glory of God listed above? What other things will the Lord do to prepare us?

Apply the Word

Jump in and be part of what God is doing because the future of the Church is bright though the world is getting darker.

Ask the Father to help you prepare the His Way in your own life.

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