My true value in the sight of God

You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men. (1 Cor. 7:23 NAS)

You might not know how precious and valuable you are until you ask the Lord! Your true value is seen in what God is willing to do to save you. You see your value through the eyes of the Lord. If you can catch this revelation then you will be free forever from worrying about what people think about you. The worse thing we can ever do is to allow another person, including ourselves, to tell us who we are.

The scripture above shows your true value in God’s eyes. You are worth the very blood of the Son of God. His blood signifies His suffering and death, laying down His life for you to have life. This is not being self-conceited or prideful. My value is in what He sees in me. You are a son or a daughter of God. That is your identity.

God will die for you. Indeed, He already did.  Let this keep your head always high in the Lord, irrespective of what circumstances or people around you think. In fact, your greatest critic might even be yourself. As you see yourself in God’s eyes, you rise above present circumstances to become what He made you to be.

MEDITATE-I am valuable

Ponder upon the verse above. Can you see yourself as truly worth the blood of Christ? We are not talking about $1 trillion dollars here. The earth, your family, friends or even your bank might have told you what you are worth. Hear Jesus telling you today what you are truly worth-His very blood.


There is no greater prayer at this juncture than to thank the Lord for His willingness to lay down His very life for you to be saved.


What will you do with the verse above? Would you still get angry because someone spoke something evil about you? Would you get depressed because that individual rejected you or did not treat you fairly? I stopped worrying about these things a while ago when I discover my value is in His unwavering love for me. You are of much value to God than you probably realize. You need only believe and act like it!

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  1. I thank God for this ministry I actually came across this right in time ,when I was just battling with my true Identity ,based on peoples opinion.indeed truth sets one free .Just after reading this I prayed and felt different about myself .Right now I can walk with all the confidence without caring much on peoples opinion .I bless GOD for this ministry may God enlarge it to greater heights.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment to let us know how this devotional has blessed your life. We are glad to know you can find freedom from the pain of trying to find your identity based on what people think or say of you through this devotional. Isn’t it interesting that other people’s opinion about us, and sometimes even ours, might be our worst blow against our true identity? God can use fellow believers and those He has put in authority to guide us( like spiritual leaders and godly parents) to use His WORD to caution, correct and direct to keep us from making errors or going astray. In this instance, we should be sensitive to know when God is using others to speak to us and therefore pay attention to it. In all such cases,however, it is based on what God says in the Word and still not on their opinion.
      Keep looking at the mirror of God’s Word, that’s what tells you who you really are, not their opinion or your feelings. Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to be a blessing in your life!

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