Daughters of Zelophehad

And the LORD said to Moses, “The daughters of Zelophehad are right. You shall give them possession of an inheritance among their father’s brothers and transfer the inheritance of their father to them” (Num. 27:6-7 ESV).

daughters of zelophehad

Zelophehad was an Israelite man who had five daughters, and no sons (Num. 27:1). Based on the prevailing culture at the time, his daughters were not entitled to any of their father’s inheritance. However, they did something extraordinary for women of that time, as recorded in Numbers 27:1-7. They approached Moses and Eleazar, the high priest, and said to them “why should the name of our father be taken away from his clan because he had no son? Give to us a possession among our father’s brothers” (Num. 27:4 ESV).

Moses did not know what to do with their request, so he brought their case before the Lord. Numbers 27:6-7 gives us God’s intriguing response. He said that Zelophehad’s daughters were right! In fact, their bold actions led to a complete revision of the laws governing a daughter’s inheritance- a revision made by God Himself (Num. 27:8)!

What can we learn from these brave women? Do you remember Jesus’ simple instructions to “ask and you shall receive”? Zelophehad’s daughters recognized their rights as the daughters of an Israelite. You have even better rights and privileges in Christ. Learn to stand up for what Christ has already purchased for you. If you do not have it, then ask for it!


What do you think would have happened if the daughters of Zelophehad did not ask for their inheritance? Declare that “I know my rights and privileges in Christ! I am bold and courageous enough to ask, seek, and knock for whatever is mine!”


Is there something you need, which you have identified as provided for you in Christ, but do not have? Learn from Zelophehad’s brave daughters.


Ask the Spirit to help you learn how to take possession of everything that Christ has paid for you.

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