Learn Christ and stay away from emptiness

But ye have not so learned Christ (Ephesians 4:20, KJV)

What an astonishing scripture by the Apostle Paul in Eph. 4:20! He told the Ephesians that they did not learn Christ in this way, meaning what he just talked about in verse 19 where Gentiles were giving themselves over to sensuality to live sinful lives. Let me quickly discuss the word “Christ” here, and I will discuss the word “learn” in tomorrow’s devotional because of time and space limitations. 

A few modern translations attempt to clarify the verse by adding “about”, that is, the verse above will be “you have not so learned about Christ”. This might help in some way, but the original says, “you have not so learned Christ”. In other words, Christ is the Course to learn. I cannot emphasize this enough; your knowledge of Christ is your key to a glorious life. It is sad, so sad, to see how many believers, true children of God, are just void of the personal revelation of Christ. Let me remind you of something I said before: empty teachings, messages and sermons might excite you but will change nothing about your life. There is such a corruption of the Word of God that has filled pulpits to such an extent that God’s Word has been diluted and watered down to empty human concepts, ideas, motivational messages, etc. What  tragedy has happened to us! Satan knows the power of the Word and I have no doubt he  is seeking to corrupt pulpits across the world. Your christian life is a picture of the preacher you listen to. If you hear empty Christian noise, your practical life will be void of the Spirit. This is why we should all pray earnestly for our pastors and ministers to personally have an encounter with Christ, otherwise, they will preach whatever they have in their hearts, whether empty or full of the  Spirit.

Let me end with this question: what is your revelation of Christ? What is your revelation of the Master? Have you seen( known) Him? Nobody who ever saw Him remained the same. Crave the pure and undiluted Word of God. Refuse to fill your heart with empty human teachings. Cry out to the Spirit for a revelation of the Son of God in His precious Word like never before in your life.


What is the meaning of the word “learned” Christ in the verse above? I will discuss this tomorrow but I want to trigger hunger in your heart so you can learn to dig the Word of God yourself. Read the context, and possibly the entire Ephesians 4 and find out the mysteries hidden in the words “learned Christ”. 


If only Churches will go back and teach Christ, and Christ alone! Paul taught many things but he had one message, and that  was Christ. Let the mystery of the Person, Work and operations of Christ in us be your one desire.


Ask the Father to teach you Christ by the Spirit and to put such a hunger for the  pure and undiluted Word of God in your spirit that will get you restless until you are filled!

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