Magnify the Lord for Bethlehem

“And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord” (Lk. 1:46 KJV).

Bethlehem changed the course of history. The name of this tiny city in Israel would be echoed throughout the world during this season of Christmas.

Bethlehem reminds us of the tremendous love of God for a sinful, rebellious, and resentful world in that He was willing to become a Man to be born so He could save us from our sins. This is the core message of Christmas. The people of the world cannot celebrate this message if they do not know the Savior. To them, Christmas is a holiday about Santa Claus, Rudolf the reindeer, shopping, etc. They cannot rejoice at the birth of a Savior they have not believed in. That is why something else must be created to replace the Savior in the celebration. However, when we are saved, our hearts rejoice and magnify the Lord for Christmas because we are saved and set free thanks to his birth.


What is Christmas to you?


Ask the Lord to make the Christmas message remain steadfast in your heart this season, in the midst of all the festivities.


Christmas is not Christmas if the reason for this celebration is taken away from the season. God loves celebration and feasting, so we should celebrate. The issue lies in what you are celebrating. Let this season be a time for you to magnify the Lord for Bethlehem. He was born for you, not for Himself! As you celebrate Him this season, let your heart overflow with joy and praise for His love for you.

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