Joy and You

“A joyful heart makes the face cheerful, but by a painful heart the spirit is broken.” (Prov. 15:13 NET.)

The three-letter word called “joy” is one key to a flourishing life. The Lord who created you knows the impact of joy on your spirit, soul, and body. He commands us to “rejoice always” for our own well-being.

Man is essentially a spirit being and is under the laws of the spirit realm. One of those critical elements in the realm of the spirit is joy. The scripture above says joy makes your face to smile, but sorrow in the heart breaks your spirit. You are wired to flourish by joy and therefore will also wither away when joy is absent.

Joy strengthens the human spirit, fortifies the soul, and causes the body to flourish with health and vitality. Perpetual grief, sorrow, bitterness, and even depression in the heart will wither your life like a dry tree under the scourging desert sun. You were created as a spirit to flourish and function in joy. Whatever takes your joy away, no matter what it is, is an enemy that will kill you like slow poison.

The commandment to “rejoice always” is our very life, not for God but for us. I have seen sorrow, bitterness, and depression cause people’s bodies to wither under the tyrannical hands of disease. The joy of the Lord is your strength, so guard it preciously. Rejoice evermore in the Lord your God!


What do you think God means by “makes the face cheerful”? What is the full meaning of the word “face”?


Please do not spend another day without joy in your spirit! Get rid of every bit of bitterness, sorrow, and depression, and start flourishing again as you activate joy today!


You cannot pray for joy. Joy is not an answer to prayer for the believer. You rather pray that God will help you plant the seed of joy in your heart (the Word) and express its fruit constantly in your life.

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