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I know Your Works, Your Love and faith…

I know your works, your love and faith and service and patient endurance, and that your latter works exceed the first (Rev. 2:19 ESV)

The Lord spoke the words above to the Church in Thyatira, one of the seven Churches in Asia addressed by the Lord in the book of Revelations. He said to the Church “ I know your works.” It is interesting enough to realize the Lord used these words in addressing all the seven Churches. This is beyond emphasis to underlie the importance of our works. He is telling us today, that He knows our works. 

He goes further to define for us what He calls works. He says “I know your works,  your love and faith and service, and patient endurance..” Did you see what He calls works? Your love. Your faith. Your service. Your patient endurance. The list continues. These are the spiritual fruit you are bearing. I have written a previous devotional explaining the difference between the “works of the Law”   and  “good works.” Whatever we do in an attempt to earn salvation or God’s blessings by our own righteousness is the work of the Law. These are dead works that cannot save us. However, as soon as we are born again, God commands us to do good works, which are the things listed above.

Jesus is watching. And He knows every single one of us. What does the Lord see when  He looks at you? Do you have works? Grace has more works than the Law! You are called unto good works by grace( Eph 4:10). They do not save you, but they are your calling. You do not want to have the Lord come and meet you empty-handed with nothing to show.


What is the difference between the “works of the Law” and “good works.” Declare that “ I am increasing in faith, love, patience and every fruit of the  Spirit.”


The Lord has called us to works and fruit-bearing( Eph. 4:10). And you are sure He knows all of us  so well, even more than we know ourselves. And He is coming to reward us all according to our works ( Rev. 2:23). Be fruitful in the kingdom and increase in good works. This is how you glorify God( John 15:8).


Ask the Lord to help you grow and excel in good works. 

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