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I die daily

I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily (1 Corinthians 15:31 KJV)

Paul told the corinthians that he died daily! What kind of death is this that occurs repeatedly and daily? It is obvious Paul is not talking about physical death, which normally occurs only once in a person’s life. Neither is he talking about spiritual death when our spiritual lives dry up or eternal life when a human being is cut off from God for all eternity. So what then does he mean by dying daily?

The believer is an astonishing creature. At salvation, the Spirit of God comes and immerses Himself into us. In other words, God and you start sharing one life. Since two persons cannot live one life, one person always has to take the lead. You and God cannot be living at the same time. It will either be you living, making your own decisions, following how you feel and what you want to do etc, or you will have to die and allow God to be live in you as you! The process by which we surrender our lives to the Lord and allow the Spirit to guide our inner and outward life is what Paul is talking about. It occurs daily. You will make a conscious decision each day to follow what the Spirit puts in your heart even when it is not what you want to do.

This death, not following your own will and ways, is the secret of the Christian life. Surrendering to God will not make your life miserable. It will beautify you!


What are the different types of death mentioned in the devotional above? What does it mean to die daily in your own words?


Sadly, many of us have accepted Jesus as Savior but not yet as Lord. The Lord once said to me that if He is not Lord over me, other things will lord over me, such as sin, fear, disease, etc. Are you still alive? Die daily to self and allow Christ live daily in you!


Dying to self cannot be done by human will. Pray and ask the Spirit of the Lord to help you die to self daily.  

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