I am the good Shepherd

I am the good Shepherd: the good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep (John 10:11 KJV)

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John 10:11 is one of the “I am” statements of Jesus recorded in John’s Gospel. Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd,” and He goes on to specify the quality of a good shepherd that He is specifically referring to: “the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep”.

Many of us are not familiar with shepherding sheep or herd as in Bible days, though it still occurs in certain places. When a predator such as a lion attacks the sheepfold, the Shepherd has a few options. Shepherds that are hired and do not own the Shepherd typically run away, and no one probably will fault them for that. A shepherd who owns and cares about the sheep seeks to rescue them from the lion. Any shepherd doing so is putting their lives in danger for the lion can very well kill them. As an example in the scripture of a shepherd who goes after the lion, David rescued his sheep and killed the lion attacking them. 

Jesus says He is a good shepherd. He puts His life on the edge for the sake of the sheep. His case was different from David because saving the sheep required Him to die, and not just risk death. He knew it would cost His life, but He went forward and did it. And think about the people He did it for you and me, unworthy of it! There is no greater love than to lay one’s life for another.


Why did Jesus say He is the good Shepherd? Please take a moment to read the verse above, think about it, and say it out again and again. Think and mutter it: that is meditation.


Jesus is the good Shepherd. He knew the only way for you and me, the sheep, to be free from the predatory hands of Satan, sin, eternal destruction was for Him to die. He willingly chose to die for us to be free. If He died for you, He is more than able to take care of your financial, marital, health, or other crises today. Be confident in Him.


Praise Him for being your Good Shepherd. 

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