How to Be Delivered from Incubus and Succubus Demons 

Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you. (Luke 10:19 ESV)

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Some years ago, I would have sexual encounters in my dreams, either with strange faces I did not recognize or with uncontrollable strange powers that provoked sexual arousal and release in my dreams. Initially, I thought I was dealing with the everyday issues of young boys, but when it persisted and defied all attempts to curtail it, I knew I was dealing with something outside of me.  

I later discovered that these experiences are due to demons, and different cultures have different names for these spirits. In Africa, these demons are often called spiritual wives and husbands and succubus or incubus demons in other places. Whatever their names or region we live in, these spirits have one thing in common: they have sexual activity or encounters with men or women in their dreams, often with physical consequences.

When I first published a detailed article on succubus demons describing my experience and how the Lord delivered me, I was appalled at how many people deal with similar problems and suffer in silence—from the United States to Africa, Europe, and the world. Some have assumed these experiences are ordinary, while others are afraid of rejection or contempt by others. But the saddest story I heard is of a believer whose pastor told her he did not believe in “those things”.

Demons are real, and they torment people. These “sex demons” are only a tiny portion of demonic activity. We would be dismayed at how much mental, physical, and social torments and heartaches are caused by demonic activity, ranging from “benign” sinful tendencies or addictions to gross perverted behaviors. 

I have no interest in debating with skeptic Christians on the “theology” of such experiences or with intellectuals on their reality. Such arguments are often futile and help no one. My utmost interest is to bring freedom to those who are oppressed and tormented—and often suffer in silence. The Lord has shown me that the Church, especially in the United States, will not break through its monumental barriers until it becomes proficient in dealing with demons and their activities. It is not enough to merely love God and worship Him; God Himself has told us we are at war with wicked demonic spirits in heavenly places.

As I detailed in the article mentioned above, deliverance requires power, and power is unleashed by authority. If you have developed spiritual muscles, you can cast out any demons from your life. However, and sadly, many believers are not in a place to do this—they need help. If you need to, seek help from someone stronger in the faith to help you. Go to your pastor. If, for some strange reason, your pastor cannot help or, hopefully not, does not “believe in such things,” go find help elsewhere in the body of Christ. God has not tied your destiny to the theology of a man or woman. 

Christ wants us free from demonic oppression in all its forms. We must not tolerate demonic activity in our lives. Stand in faith, resist Satan, and maintain your stand until he flees from you.

Jesus met demons in the streets of Israel and even inside the synagogues. Do you think those demons have escaped to hell today? Or, as someone in the US once told me, those demons have all retreated to Africa, Latin America, or Asia?

Ignorance is Satan’s prized weapon. But even more fatal is tolerance or complacency. If demons can work in our lives and make us either not recognize them or learn to live comfortably with their torment, then hell would have a party. One of the primary manifestations of the kingdom of God is our rule over evil spirits. Reign!

Ask the Father to help us become proficient in dealing with demonic activity in our lives and environment.

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