I will Build My Church

 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Matt. 16:18 KJV)

The theological debate as to the meaning of the phrase “upon this rock” and the two major thoughts are that it refers to Peter or his confession. Whatever the case, there is no question as to Who is doing the building. Jesus says “I will build My Church.” This statement is an emphatic, crystal-clear and affirmative statement. This becomes a pivotal anchor for us to hold on if we think about the chaos that seems to be spreading like yeast in the House of God.

Many years back, while still a young believer in the faith, I began noticing that we have many problems in the Church, from the average Christian on the pew to the ministers on the pulpit. You can imagine my shock when I first realized that a guest prophet that was invited to minister was attempting to have sex with sisters who came to take care of his feeding in the hotel. Then came the financial manipulations, greed and similar activities of those who seem to be more of businessmen in clericals than ministers. Then some believers who are looking nothing close to growing in the faith, living a life that makes you wonder if our faith is fake or true.

When I thought about these things, and more, I thought to myself “will the Church survive?” And do you know that in less than 20 years, the issues I listed above have  grown worse—at least from an external perspective? What happens in some Churches today is worse than the few things I mentioned above. The question remains “will the Church survive?”. Will Jesus meet believers living holy and righteous lives? Are we still going to have sincere ministers again who care about the Sheep and are not money driven? What kind of Bride will Jesus rapture?

Well, the Lord answered my thoughts about the survival of the Church with the words in the verse above. He says, “I, Jesus, will build My Church.” It will not be a general overseer, senior pastor or apostle, prophet, the president of the Church board, etc. You can be sure He will succeed. He made me understand that the Church will not only survive, but it is thriving. Not everyone within our Church walls, or on pulpits, belongs to Him. He is currently polishing His own, and He knows them by Name. Brethren, let us be careful in these perilous times.  Keep yourself unspotted and unpolluted by the world. 

The best days of the Church are not behind but ahead of us. It gets better each day. God’s people will experience the glory of God in this present world that no generation past has ever seen. So be excited. Do not be distracted by false brethren or false ministers. Satan has already sowed bad seeds growing horrible weeds amongst us. Even some true brethren and ministers are misbehaving. Again, do not lose focus. There is too much glory for you to allow anyone to distract you! 

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