How Satan betrays himself without realizing it

And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.” (Matthew 4:3, KJV)

Satan is the father of lies, and when he speaks, lies are buried deep in his words.One of the most important patterns of lies Satan uses is not frank lies but twisted truth. He takes what God has said and turns it around. In so doing, there are two things in that he says: the truth he is twisting and seeking to cover and the lie he is creating and projecting.

In the command above, we find his tactic again. There was truth and deception in it. We are more interested in the truth he accidentally speaks. He says if you are the Son of God( speaking to Jesus), command these stones be made bread. He reveals the truth that the Son of God has the ability to command stones to become bread. Please note that this is not figurative language. It was literal what he was saying. Jesus had the ability to speak to literal physical stones and command them to become bread. And this is a characteristic of the Son of God, because He is the Word made flesh and speaks the words of God by the Spirit which are creative.

Satan wanted to catch Jesus in his net and make Him sin against God. In so doing, he reveals to us a truth about sons of God and creates his own  downfall. God’s sons have creative ability in their mouths! You are a son of God in Christ!(remember, sister or brother).  There is power in your mouth, as there is in the mouth of the Father, to create and to rule! God has ordained power in the mouth of babies and sucklings to rule and silence the enemy!!! (Ps 8:2-3).


I want you to take a moment and THINK over Matt. 4:3 and every the truth I have shared with you above. Thinking is giving your mind over completely to focus on the Word of God. I have repeatedly shared before  how important this is. Meditation is:  1) thinking and  2)  muttering God’s Word.


Son of God, there is power in your mouth to subject the enemy. Satan has betrayed himself by revealing to us how we operate as sons of God. Speak and reign in life! Speak to your body, that coronavirus has no authority over it. Speak to coronavirus and tell it not to touch anything or anyone that is connected to you. Speak to your family, finances, kids, ministry, etc. Learn to speak the Word. It is not just some super-spiriual thing that hyper-Pentecostals do. It is how the sons of God function!


Bless the Father for ordaining power in our mouths to silence the enemy ( Ps. 8:2-3)

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