Greater love hath no man than this

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13, KJV)

Jesus teaches us about the depth of His love using common language we can understand above. He says  there is no greater way a man can show his love than to lay down his life for his friends. First, He teaches us that love is quantifiable. We love in different degrees. There is great, greater, and greatest when it comes to love.

The second related aspect of love is that it is demonstrable. Love is demonstrated by the degree of sacrifice one is willing to make for another and that always involves giving in some form. The value of the thing that is given is the relative measure of the love being demonstrated. What is the most precious thing you have? It is your most valuable investment, bank account or something else physical? Certainly not! The most important thing every man has is his life. If a person is willing to die for a cause or someone, then you understand that is giving is its highest degree. That is love, human  love at its best.

God has demonstrated His love for us. His love is beyond human comprehension but  He wants us to know it! As a Man, the greatest love Jesus  could show  was to give His life for us. There is no way that a human being can demonstrated love that is greater than this. God’s love, however, is greater than our human expressions. He could only express that love in the greatest way our human expressions can express.

If God gave you His Son, what is it that He will withhold from you? It is obvious Christ death for us is not the fullness of the expression of God’s love. It is the fullness of what our human physical  expression could handle. Christ’s love for you has been demonstrated! If there was anything greater than laying down His life, He would have used it to demonstrate His love for us. Rest in His love.


How did Christ demonstrate His love for you?


It is paramount for our hearts to be established in the love of Christ. Think about His love for you constantly. Let it be a total experience of your heart. If Christ loves you with the greatest love, is there something He better than His life that He would not give you?


Thank the Lord for loving us so deeply and unconditionally. 

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