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Grace For Grace Everyday

And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace. (Jn. 1:16 NKJ)

Grace for grace every day

The Lord has lavished grace upon us in Christ. Grace is God’s calling for us to enjoy the riches of His Son. It is both a divine response to the fall of man and the fulfillment of God’s purpose to dwell and live in us.

The scripture above says God has lavished “grace for grace” upon you. That implies there are different things that He calls “grace” and that He has lavished all of what He calls “grace” upon us, one blessing upon another. In fact, Romans 5:17 says we have received “abundance of grace.”

Whatever is called “grace” from the Lord has been lavished on you. The ultimate gift of grace to us is God Himself! But He has come to us in different “grace packages” as distinct and separate gifts, adding upon each other, grace for grace.

The Lord gave us His Son to die for our sins, and so gave us the gift of freedom from the bondage of all kinds that result from sin. This is grace.

He then gave us the gift of His righteousness, making us to share His nature in the new creation. This is grace.

As if that was not enough, He sent His own Spirit to live inside of us, endowing us with power and supernatural abilities from above. This is grace.

And it did not end there. The Holy Spirit also keeps giving us gifts from joy, power, abilities, and wisdom to enjoying the glory of God’s presence. This is grace!

Child of God, you are well covered! There is nothing you need in life that grace has not covered. You cannot be a failure, whether spiritually or in the affairs of our natural life here on earth. Grace for grace is all yours!


Who is the Source of grace from our scripture above? Also, read the verse which follows the one quoted above (John 1:17.)


Think and say this all day: “Grace has made me to become more than a conqueror!”


Thank the Lord for the abundance of grace that is all yours!

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Catherine Arrah
Catherine Arrah
4 years ago

feeling blessed after reading this article Truly everything we are and whoever we will become now and in the future its Gods Grace

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