God Talks about the Causes of Poverty

A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich (Prov. 10:4 ESV)

“Causes of poverty”? Does poverty have a cause? I know this might sound very strange to many of you, but yes, there is a cause of poverty. If you have also ever wondered why you are sometimes broke, as I did some years back, then you have started asking the right questions about wealth. That is the beginning of financial wisdom.

God has extensively spoken to us about riches and poverty in the scripture and specifically in the book of Proverbs. He has laid out for us the reasons why people are poor. I will encourage you to read through the book of Proverbs specifically to learn what God has said about wealth, riches and poverty. 

The scripture above is one of many that list some causes of poverty. He says the hand of the diligent makes rich, while the hand of the person who deals with a slack hand, that is the slothful, sluggish, lazy, or those who are not financially smart will end up with poverty.

There is a reason why people are poor. There is a reason why people struggle financially. Wisdom begins when you know why you struggle financially or why you are outright broke. It is quite fascinating to me to hear God speak so extensively about the reasons why we can be  broke. After you read through the book of Proverbs, you will discover one bizarre truth as the Lord opens your eyes, that poverty and riches are more about a man or woman’s character. You can look into a person’s behavior or, and see why they are either rich or poor.

If you doubt this, look at the rich in the world. Do you know that there are common traits amongst the rich? And that the poor also share common characteristics?   That tells us there are predictable causes of poverty. And the scripture has taught us extensively on this. We might not know everything in all cases, but we can work to avoid the causes that the Lord has told us about. There is more about divine prosperity revealed in scripture than giving, tithing, seed sowing, etc. Receive all of the Word of God regarding your finances!


What is the meaning of the “diligent hand” above?


Many years ago, I began asking myself why I was broke and often running out of money though  I was earning the salary of a doctor. That was the beginning of my financial wisdom, digging into the Word to find out what God says about money.  One of the strangest PERSONAL  instruction I got from the Lord was to get rid of my credit card. As soon as I did, my expenses dropped like the collapse of a tower! Money management was one of my many problems then. There were others He showed me, but that will be for another day! This might not apply to you, but I share this  to  show that the Lord has a lot to say about our finances if we will listen. There is more about divine prosperity that we often hear in pulpits today. Get into the  Word. Start today by reading the book of Proverbs specifically looking for everything God has said about finances and be a DOER of the truth you find. 


Ask the Lord to grant you financial wisdom as you dig into His Word. 

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