God Commendeth His Love Toward Us

But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Rom. 5:8 KJV)

God commendeth His love toward us showing the cross

Love, by it’s very nature, has to be demonstrated in some way. The same is true about faith. If we say we have faith and do not have any works that corroborate our faith, the faith we have is considered death. In the same way, love undemonstrated is dead. Of what good is overflowing love in someone’s heart if no one else experiences or knows about it?

God’s love for us has also been demonstrated. His love is not hidden. He has clearly shown us the full measure of His love as our scripture above teaches us. There are two qualities of God’s love demonstrated to us which are just mind-blowing, because both of them should not go together in the first place. The first is that God’s love was demonstrated to us to the full measure it can ever be. In other words, God did the greatest thing that could ever be done to show love, that is, laying down your life for someone else.

Paradoxically, this greatest demonstration of love was shown to the most undeserving of all—sinful men and women. It is not as though we were sinful and acknowledging our sins or trying to make things right. Humanity had gone off track and was rebellious and hateful to God. Could you imagine the hostility of the world towards the Gospel today? Yet, the Lord Jesus loved them to death. And now that you are a child of God, you can rest in the love of your Father for you.


Why is God’s kind of love called unconditional?


If God gave us His Son while we were yet sinners, is there anything else He will withhold from us now that we are His children?( Rom. 8:32)


Thank the Lord for demonstrating His love for you in paying the full measure of your sins to bring you to salvation.

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