Glorious Things are Spoken of Thee

Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of God. Selah (Psalm 87:3, KJV)

Glorious things are spoken of the city of God. He adds the word “selah” which means “pause and think about what that means”! It is so important that the LORD wants us to pause for a moment and reflect on what He is saying!

The Psalmist was speaking prophetically about the city of God, that is, Jerusalem. This is certainly not referring to Jerusalem as a geographical place on the earth, the earthly location. It is clear that Jerusalem will ultimately be lifted up above all the cities of the earth but this verse goes beyond that. The city of God here is referring to the people of God, His dwelling place on the earth. Today, that is referring to the assembly of the believers in Christ.

He says glorious things are spoken of you and me! The LORD will elevate His people and glorify them with His glory that will so shine on the earth that the people of the world will have nothing other than glorious things to say about the city of God! It was only appropriate for Him to add “Selah”, so that we can pause to think about the grandiosity and splendor of what He is saying. 

Today, the Church is as filth in the eyes of the world, but the LORD is doing a work to lift up  His holy hill high above all the mountains of the earth! Your future is so bright and glorious that the petit issues you are facing now should in no wise distract or discourage you. Glorious things are spoken of you!


Say this verse again and again to yourself “glorious things are spoken of me…”


Look at the glory that is set before you, no matter the challenges you are facing today. The LORD has already shown us the future of the Church —glorious! Rejoice and be excited!


Thank the LORD for the blessing of the glory as out inheritance in Christ. 

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