Diligence is a key to riches

“He who has a slack hand becomes poor, But the hand of the diligent makes rich” (Prov. 10:4 NKJ).

Diligence is simply giving all the attention, effort, and care required to make something work. It is thoughtful, hard work. Early on in my walk with God, after learning the truth about giving and prosperity, I would often give, pay my tithe, sow seeds, and then “expect a check in the mail” as I often heard in testimonies on TV! Giving is a key element to activate the blessing of God in your finances, but it does not operate in isolation. Financial prosperity is not a jackpot.

It is impossible to know financial prosperity without a habit of persistent giving. However, there is an aspect of financial prosperity recorded in the scriptures that is not so emphasized, yet is key if you are to experience abundance. The scripture above talks about diligence making you rich. The works of your hands are a key recipient for the operation of the blessings. What are you doing? If you have a job and want to be abundantly blessed, you are asking for your company to be blessed so you can have a pay raise. Is this what you want? If you do nothing, there will be nothing to bless. Many believers are burying talents, ideas, and abilities within them. Start exploiting the operation of the Holy Spirit through your hands. And be diligent in it to see the blessing of God causing it to flourish.


Why do hands that do become poor?


If God should ask you today, “What do you have in your hands for me to bless?” what would you say? Be diligent with the work of your hands and continue to be a giver!


Prosperity is not an answer to prayer. It is an answer to doing what God has said. Ask God for the wisdom to do.

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