Delivered from the Power of Darkness

Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son (Colossians 1:13 KJV)

Darkness shall cover the earth showing a man being pulled by the darkness

We have been delivered from the power of darkness into the kingdom of the Son of God. It is a spiritual translation that took place when Christ came into our lives. As soon as we received Christ, we changed kingdoms. We moved from the realm or control of darkness into the realm or control of our Lord. Power changed hands.

Many of us who read about the power of darkness often restrict our minds to demonic activities, occultism, sorceries, etc. Please note that darkness here is not the same as occultism, witchcraft, demonic activity etc. When God says we were delivered from the power of darkness here, ouvert demonic activity is not the main point here. 

Darkness in very simple words is the realm where God’s influence or life is absent. Darkness is created when light is withdrawn. When Adam fell into sin, he plunged  himself into darkness. He began living without the fellowship with God he  once knew. Living without a fellowship with God is living in darkness. His body that had never known disease because it was in God’s realm suddenly could be sick. Sickness is absent from God’s world. Sickness is darkness that still challenges us in many ways today. Adam began experiencing life in a realm where  God’s influence is not felt. Think about his emotions. In God, Adam never knew fear or shame. Outside of God, He started experiencing fear, guilt, shame, anxiety, depression etc. These experiences are all part of the life of darkness.

Adam knew God to an extent before the fall. That knowledge of God was light. Today, the abscess of the knowledge of God is darkness. Darkness, in general, refers to a realm or state of being or living that is outside of God’s influence. 

The power of darkness refers to the state in which a man is under the control of darkness. For example, sin rules humanity in general before Jesus came. Sin is the power of darkness at work. Satan and his demons certainly also oppress, possess or influence human beings in different ways, which are manifestations of the control darkness now has over human beings. In fact, Satan is the lord of darkness.

With this understanding, ,think about the meaning of the verse above. God has moved us  from that realm where sin, Satan, sickness, poverty, fear, depression, etc RULES or CONTROLS people to a realm where righteousness, love, joy, peace, abundance etc RULES or CONTROLS you. We have been translated already. We  are no longer  children  of darkness. We are children of the light. Walk in the light of God’s presence, power, wisdom, joy, peace, prosperity, freedom etc.


What is the meaning of the phrase “power of darkness”? Specifically, it is referring solely to ouvert demonic activity? What is the relationship between Satan and darkness?


The world is currently covered in darkness. You are the light! Since you are a child of light, long for the light of God to shine in everything about you, from your relationships, with God, ministry, family, finances, etc. 


Thank the Father for pulling us out of the darkness in all its manifestations into His light. 

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