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Can I still believe again?

Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart, (Luke 18:1 )

Our past faith experiences can be a great resource and inspiration in facing present challenges. Paradoxically, our prior failures in our faith walk can be one of the greatest obstacles our faith will face or is currently facing. These experiences, if not carefully handled, can be a mountain in themselves when you have to believe the word of God for a similar situation.

Are you having any hesitations believing a portion of scripture now because you believed it before and “nothing happened”? Are your past “failures” of faith paralyzing your present? The verse above uses prayer as an example. One of the reasons we faint is prayer is because we do not see the results. Then our prayers begin to gradually fade away.

We will not have all the answers on this side of eternity in every situation. If our faith will be unwavering, it must be founded on the infallibility and truthfulness of God’s word itself and not on our experiences or worst still the experiences of others. Our human experiences are often very complex with multiple factors involved.

Do not quit believing because it seemed not to have worked previously. It may appear irrational, but this is a critical trait of overcoming faith.


Let the words of Christ in the verse above revolve around your mind. ..always to pray. Do not lose heart-ever.

In what areas of your life are you currently losing heart because it “seems not to be working?


Ask the Lord for the grace for unwavering faith; faith that is dependent on His word only.

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