Beware of heart failure from fear

Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken (Luke 21:26 KJV)

Fear is an old enemy of humanity

I did mention the Lord had put in my heart to prepare our hearts this year. It is a year to prepare the inner man to make it more conducive to the Holy Spirit’s presence and power. I shared a series of devotionals on why this is important and how we should do it. 

We have two hearts: the physical heart in our chest and the spiritual heart, our soul and spirit. You probably heard of the disease called heart failure. It occurs when the physical heart cannot do its job, and many different medical conditions can cause the heart to fail. Well, there is also heart failure of the spiritual heart!

Luke 21:26 above says “men’s hearts failing them for fear”. It means people’s hearts will fail, that is,  become faint and weak because of the resulting fear of events happening around them. When the inner heart fails, the person becomes discouraged, emotional, and mentally disabled, loses courage or will to do something, etc. Fear is an emotion that incapacitates the heart. In other words, when fear grips you, even the way you think will change. You become chicken-heart, emotionally frail, and vulnerable. This should make it obvious why Satan has a vested interest in making us afraid.

The temperature of the world is increasing. The world around us is full of fear-provoking events all over. Beware, lest that fear causes your inner heart to fail. Remember, the Lord said these things would occur, but you have overcome them in Him!


What is heart failure of the spiritual heart as described above? Can you think of an instance when your heart ( that is, your emotions, thoughts, will) failed or became feeble because of fear?  


The world is not getting better, but those who are in Christ will shine brighter and brighter. Rest in Christ. Things will happen but remember the Lord’s words that you should not be afraid because He is always with you, no matter what happens. 


Ask the Spirit to help you protect your heart from fear. 

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