Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world (John 16:33, KJV)

If you are living in the earth today, which I am sure you are, then you can quickly perceive the value of the words spoken by Jesus above. The social and spiritual temperature of the earth is rapidly rising. The earth is like a bot of boiling water waiting to spill. The problems are multiplying, and fears are gripping the hearts of people. Jesus says, “be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”! These are words of gold in these days.

There are things that Jesus spoke to His disciples, which were not entirely directed to His disciples but for us in generations to come, especially the generation of the end times. The words above, without question, mean more to us now than they did to the disciples who first heard time. And if Jesus does not come in our generation, those words will mean even more to our children because the problems they will deal with will be multiple of what we are dealing with.

Jesus says there will be trouble in the world, but He has spoken to us so that we might have His peace. Let the peace of God rule in your heart. Your life is in safe hands. The earth is heating up, but even if it sublimes and evaporates, your life is safe in Christ. The future of the world is dark, really dark, and that cannot be changed. The only hope for the people of the world is to come out of the world into  Christ. Your future in Christ, however, is so bright that you should rather be excited to be living in these days because when sin increases, grace multiplies even more. That means you will experience God in ways that no prior generation has ever experienced Him. Be strong. Be courageous; our Savior has overcome the world already! 


What does Jesus mean when He says, “I have overcome the world?”


God wants you to live in peace in the midst of the chaos of the world. As the world is frightened about wars and rumors of wars, social crises, financial uncertainties, etc, Jesus says, “be of good cheer”. Be  still and know He is still God, and He has overcome the world for you! 


Ask the Lord to give you the ability to maintain your peace in the midst of the multiple troubles going on in the world right now. 

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  1. Shalom Dr Patrick Oben
    It’s always a pleasure to read you it really blesses me its a privilege and I thank God for this opportunity for you are the only one who reply to me and I respect it a lot.


    1-Concerning women ministry I know that they where having many function in the church but my preoccupation was where they allowed to preach in the church like the apostles?

    2- Concerning the holy communion:
    1Cor 11:23
    * at what time in the day are we suppose to take it conforming the scriptures?

    * the win we take its juice or wine ?

    3- Concerning denomination church’s is it biblical?

    4- The baptism it’s done in the name of the father son and holy Spirit
    or in the name of Jesus like in Acts of apostles

    5- the thite it’s still in our days or liberality like in the new covenant

    6- the oil we use to pray for the sick in James5:14 it’s a composed one like in the old Exodus30:25 or empty one like we use today

    7- and to ordain a call one are we oblige to anoint like in the old or to lay hand like the apostles?

    8- every year they are making cross over night is it biblical?

    9- the sons of God having sex with girls in Genes 6 are they falling angel or sons of Seth of the pure line ?

    I will stop here please answer as soon as possible

    I have a burding in my heart since 7 year to bring the church to his first position like in the earlier church :

    The Apostolic and Prophetic Revolution

    I believe the Lord have put you in my way to help me to understand many things about my call.


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