The Inductive Bible Study Course(IBS-104)

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March 11 @ 5:00 PM 6:00 PM CST

The Inductive Bible Study is an approach of Bible study that assembles, arranges, and unifies sound theological principles of Bible interpretation to create a simple step-by-step system to studying the  Bible effectively.  

Though believers know that studying the Bible is essential, many do not feel they can interpret the meaning of Bible passages with any degree of confidence.

How do they fix this?

  • They rely exclusively on others who have been trained to tell them what the Bible says.

However, although God ordains ministers and uses them to teach the scriptures to His people,  He has also commanded every believer to study the Book. Furthermore, God’s purpose for His Church these days will require every believer to study what the Bible teaches.

IBS-103  furnishes the essential skills for every believer to interpret Bible passages using sound theological methods.

IBS-103 is a beginner-level course that will run for eight weeks, every Saturday at 5 pm Central Time. It assumes no prior theological training, which is the case for most believers. However, it will also benefit those in ministry or refresh the memories of those with previous exposure to hermeneutics.

A rough outline of the Course work:

  • Introduction to Bible Study
  • How hermeneutical principles  combine with exegetical methods to create a  holistic approach to personal Bible study
  • The five steps of the Inductive Bible Study method:
  • Observation
  • Interpretation
  • Evaluation
  • Application
  • Correlation

We would use a hands-on approach tailored to ensure every student practices the basic principles and can apply them as we progress.

  • Every lesson is typically followed by  Q&A to ensure questions are addressed live.
  • There will be assignments for every student to practice the principles discussed during the lessons.

Free This Course is FREE to attend. And there will be no follow up requests for financial support or donations.


  1. This site is wonderful. May the Lord continue to bless the author with wisdom in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. I grew up going to ministry all my life and I still don’t fully understand how to interpret the Bible. This is my prayer request to learn how to because now days everybody has it all wrong when it comes to God wisdom, knowledge, and understanding is free. Biblical facts say ask and it shall be given, in others everything has a dollar 💵 $ attach to it and the people who really need it can’t always afford it. And everything God has blessed us with his abundance(everything) we need is ALL free. That’s why you are blessed abundantly man of Abba Father(God).

    1. Thank you for sharing those precious and encouraging words. They are the very reason why the Lord has impressed on me to do this. I pray the Lord uses this course to equip you with the skills to personally and confidently study the scriptures.

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