An attitude of gratitude

Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God (Phil. 4:6 KJV).

Attitude of gratitude showing hands open to receive

God commands us to have an attitude of gratitude in prayer in our scripture above. He instructs to pray and thank Him while we are making request to Him for what we desire. Does that make a lot of sense to your mind? How could you be thanking God while you have not even finished asking for what you desire? Therein lies a secret in thanksgiving.

A thankful spirit opens up your heart to receive from God. If you want to release your spirit before the Lord at all times, develop an attitude of thanksgiving, to be truly grateful for the small or big things He has done for you. Our minds often get blinded by our focus on the immediate needs we have leading to the disastrous consequence of forgetting the Lord’s goodness for us in times past.

A thankful spirit will change your life. It will change how you view the Lord. It will change how you view others. You will be amazed at the power of thanksgiving as you put it to work in your life. Learn to see the value of other’s contribution to your life. The birthplace of ingratitude is when we do not see anything valuable that anyone else has done for us. This is a terrible place to be in. Learn to recognize the value God has brought into your life. And when you do, be grateful and give Him thanks.


Why does God command us in the scripture above to thank Him while we are still asking for what we desire? Declare that “gratitude is my attitude this year and beyond”.


Do you have the habit of recognizing and remembering what God has done that benefited you? If not, be intentional about this. Take a moment today in your mind and focus on one thing that you are grateful for.


Thank the Lord today for the gift of His Son to bring life to us.

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