All Things are Possible to Him that Believeth

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth (Mk. 9:23 KJV)

In our religious closets, we are comfortable with the truth that all things are possible with God. Of course, He is the God of the impossible.  Luke 1:37 says “for with God nothing shall be impossible.” We sing about His power, and this glory is due to His Name for He is the omnipotent indeed. However, please take a look at what the Lord Himself says in Mk. 9:23. He did not say all things are possible to God, but to him who believes. 

Our religious minds cannot handle this.  We dare not say something like that about sinful men and women!  You will quickly understand the hesitation, doubts, confusion, and attempts at re-interpreting scriptures like the one above. If you doubt it, pick up a few commentaries and read what some scholars are saying. 

However, this verse reveals to us one of the mysteries of our faith. It connects a man or woman to God to such an extent that they do what only God does. That is, faith brings God to earth to live and operate amongst us through men. There is truly no impossibility with God only. However, when a person believes in God, the totality of God’s power can be put to work. The scripture above says all things are possible to him that believes. It is either God was joking or was even lying when He said those words or He means every word of it just as the rest of scripture. The meaning of the verse is not blurry. It is clear. There is nothing impossible for anyone who believes. It is our responsibility to learn how to cooperate with Him to get the results  He has promised.  You have options in Christ. You are no longer a slave to what life throws at you.


Has the verse above become your normal way of thinking, like God?


Yes, I must acknowledge that the Body of Christ, that is you and me,  in the most part has not seen the results that we sometimes proclaim upon housetops. Our experience, however,  must not dictate our interpretation of what God has clearly spoken. You can trust the Word. It works just as the Lord has said it. Our hearts are the problem. The tides are changing. God is taking the Church into a realm of results. You can trust His word without hesitations. Stand on it in true faith and you will see results. The Word is completely dependable. 


Ask the Lord to help you prepare our heart with His Word to walk in great faith with tangible results.

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