Activate spiritual metamorphosis in your life!

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, (Rom. 12:2 NAS)

Metamorphosis is the change in form that occurs as an insect moves from its immature to its mature stages. It is most beautifully illustrated by the life cycle of the butterfly, as it changes from the egg, caterpillar, pupa, and finally to a magnificent adult. If you meet a butterfly at the caterpillar stage, you may be very disappointed, but do not be too hasty-it’s only a matter of time before a beautiful creature will emerge.

God’s design is for us to undergo a spiritual metamorphosis into the fullness of the image of Christ in us. When you were born again, the seed of God was planted in you, and your spirit was recreated as the new man. The spirit is not seen, but the soul and body are. God wants your outward, visible life (especially your outward manner of life) to undergo a complete make over. The word “transformed”, in the verse above, is translated from “metamorphoo” in the original Greek language. God’s command is “be transformed”, or “be metamorphosed”. The last part shows us how to activate this transformation, by the renewal of the mind, using the Word of God. This implies your outward form or “behavior” is powered by your mindset. Whatever changes your mind will also change your life. As you meditate on the Word, your old way of thinking is gradually replaced by God’s Word. As this change occurs, your outward life will change from a spiritual  egg, to a caterpillar, pupa, and then a beautiful butterfly!


Think upon the verse above. The reason you meditate is so that the Word will take a hold of your life, unite with your spirit, and change the way you think. Learn to allow God’s Word sink into your mind.


Pray and ask the Father to help you activate spiritual metamorphosis in your life.


Spiritual metamorphosis is not a direct answer to prayer. You do not sit, pray for it, and wait for manna from heaven. You activate it by engaging the power of the Word, to effect a change. If we are not careful, we will remain spiritual caterpillars for 30 years, or even the entire duration of our Christian life. Spiritual maturity is not a function of longevity in the Christian life. If you do no nothing, you will remain at your current stage. God wants you to see that all you need is to engage the Spirit of the Lord in His Word, allowing Him to reshape your mind daily.

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  1. Hi! I just have to comment on the article “use your belly and not your head”. I have been asking God so much about the belly and spirit connection and tried to research it for many hours each day until I saw your article about it. It was one of the most important revelations I got in my whole life. Thank you very much!! God bless you!

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