Your today is a “prophet”

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. (Psalms 90:12)

The picture of our lives tomorrow can be seen in the things we do today. Our destiny is ultimately determined by the things we choose to do habitually on a daily basis, not even by God’s perfect plan for your life. Take a look at the things you have been doing from yesterday when you got out of bed to when you went to sleep. Your daily habits are a “prophet” to tell you what your tomorrow looks like.

Moses the Man of God prayed earnestly for God to teach him to number his days so that he can apply his heart to wisdom. Wisdom chooses to think, say or do the things today that will make your life move forward and upward tomorrow. The things you do will either move you forward, have no effect on your life or bring you down. Be wise, and choose things that will move you forward. Some things might make you feel better, but will ultimately either leave you where you were or bring you down.

If you want to live a life of ever-increasing glory, with consistent progress and prosperity in your spiritual life, finances, career, relationships, business, etc, be sure to watch your daily habits. It is great wisdom to seek God first in all things. It is wisdom to be diligent in whatever you do and not slothful in business. It is wise not to feed your mind with negative words or images. It is wise not to have another day with bitterness and unforgiveness in your heart. The list continues… Please consult the encyclopedia of life-the Bible, for more ways to live wisely today!


Ponder upon the words above. Think deeply on their meaning. If you are conscious of your days, you will avoid stupid.

Is there something you can do different today that will make you move forward and upward? Act on the Word, and do it!


Ask the Lord for grace to make wise choices with the time and resources He has given you today. There are millions will make bad choices with your time, and go for what will momentarily gratify but ultimately leaves them stagnant or lower. Pray that the Holy Spirit in you will guide you in wisdom.

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