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Whoever is Slow to Anger Has Great Understanding

 Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who has a hasty temper exalts folly (Prov. 14:29 ESV)

Slow to anger showing a couple querrelling over money

King Solomon gives us another piece of wise counsel for daily living. He says the person who is slow to become angry has great understanding, but those who are quick-tempered, hasty to get angry or are easily “ticked off” will exalt folly or foolishness. This is because anger is like fire that once it is kindled, it can easily burn down an entire building. Have you encountered people who have destroyed what has taken them 10 years or more to build within an hour because they could not control their temper? Yes, whoever is hasty to get angry and has no control over his or her spirit will exalt folly in their lives.

If God were not slow to anger, all of humanity would have been lost for eternity. He is patient and slow to anger, and that is the reason we are still here today. The same is true of us. The grace to be slow to anger will keep your foolishness from destroying your own life with regrets following. It is a fruit of the Spirit that allows us to be able to control our emotions. The Bible says a man who does not have control over his spirit is like a city that is broken down without walls.

Be slow to anger and save yourself of the havoc it can potentially cause in your life. Did you notice the verse did not say  we should never get angry? It says be slow to anger. There is a godly anger, but human anger always never acts in a way that pleases God.

Allow the Spirit to help you control and put keep your emotions in check, especially anger.


Can you think of one thing that you ruined in your life because of an outburst of anger or a hasty decision you made out of anger?


We must surrender to the Holy Spirit to allow Him to produce the fruit of the Spirit in our character. This is what is called dying to self. You lose yourself and allow the Spirit to take over. Yes, the old you might have responded and brought down the house. But the new you in Christ is gentle, temperate and patient. You will have to make a choice repeatedly to either live or allow the Spirit to live in you. He wants you to shield to Him because if you do, your life will be full of glory.


Ask the Lord to help you cultivate the grace to be slow to anger. 

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