Where is boasting then? It is excluded

Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? of works? Nay: but by the law of faith (Romans 3:27 KJV)

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Salvation is a gift from God. It is essential to remind ourselves constantly of this simple but profound truth. We have all the right to boast before God if we do something to earn His favor. However, if we receive it from Him as a gift, there is no place for boasting. Paul went further to present work and faith as laws.

In the law of works, people do things, and God responds by giving them their due reward, whether good or bad. This reward is not a gift, and God cannot withhold it. It is their due. However, in the law of faith, God works and obtains things for us. We receive these things freely as a gift through the avenue of faith. It is a law, meaning whoever believes receives freely!

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Why is boasting excluded in salvation? What is the meaning of the law of works and the law of faith?

Salvation is by grace through faith. It is critical always to remember this. As Christians, we often think about this when we receive salvation. However, after we have stayed long enough in Christianity, we sometimes start thinking we can now wow God by our works and gain His favor. Salvation from start to finish is from faith to faith, not from faith to works. There is a place for our works, but that is not to earn God’s favor.

Bless the Lord for the extraordinary grace He has given us in Christ.

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