What is Happening to Worship?

Will I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats? Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High (Ps. 50:13-14 KJV)

What is happening to worship? Image sowing a woman with lifted hands in water

The Lord graciously opened my understanding one day to see a significant problem with my worship. I was very selfish in my worship of Him. Selfish with worship? Yes, and that is a huge problem across the board in Christianity today. Something terrible is happening to worship which we have to awake to and address.

Worship in the specific sense of an act of adoration is about responding to the beauties and excellencies of God’s Person. It is centered on Him, on the One on the throne. When we turn our attention from Him and focus on us—our issues, needs, problems, desires, etc., He is taken out of the picture and it becomes our thing. In fact, some believers unconsciously spend most of the time in worship asking God to meet their needs! However, we will never know what worship is, or the depths of it, when we are at the center of the show. 

Most of the songs that we sing are more about us and not God. These songs might be appropriate spiritual songs in a different context but are not at all suitable for worship! This generation of believers runs the risk of being blinded to the realities of God because of our many present challenges and issues. We get so overwhelmed by our problems that we lose sight of the heavenly. We will never see the beauties of the divine when the consciousness of self continues to reign as king in our hearts. Learn to lose yourself in His presence, and only then will you find Him!


What is the relationship between the sacrifices of the old testament and our worship, praise, and thanksgiving today? ( Heb. 10:1)


Is your worship still about you or God? Could you be experiencing this disturbing problem of selfishness in worship as I did above? Have you learned how to get lost in His presence, losing consciousness of yourself and your issues? Think on these things!


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to help you become a worshipper that will bring a sacrifice that He desires and seeks after( John 4:23). 

Watch this Bible Study on “What is Happening to Worship Today?”

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