What is Eternal Life

And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and eJesus Christ whom you have sent(Jn. 17:3 ESV)

What is eternal life, showing a man soaring high

What is eternal life? How would you describe it? It is a recurrent theme throughout the New Testament, and we will undoubtedly do well to comprehend what it really means. Please re-read the verse above now and notice the astonishing and even shocking definition provided to us. Jesus says eternal life is knowing God! Space will not allow me to get into the wonders of this little definition in a short devotional but let me list a few essential points.

Firstly, eternal life “is not just unending life in the sense of prolonged duration. Rather, it is a quality of life (1). Eternal life is therefore not about length, but quality or kind. It is a type of life. Simply put, it is God’s life, that is beyond the natural human life.
Jesus defined eternal life as knowledge of God. It should be immediately obvious that this is not intellectual or scholastic knowledge. This knowledge is intimate knowledge or fellowship when we are in a relationship with God. In other words, eternal life is the experience of God. It is not mental knowledge of God but an experience of God that we are brought into when we accept Jesus and come into a relationship with God as His children.

There is a quality of life you are supposed to live as a believer because you have eternal life. It is beyond human comprehension because it is divine.


When did you receive eternal life? ( See John 3:16). Declare that “I have eternal life dwelling in my spirit right now and working in my body, soul, and spirit.”


Jesus is the life of God( Col.3:4). Let this understanding sink deeply into your heart. He is life, and you currently have eternal life. Therefore you are entitled to a higher life, the life of the Spirit while on the earth. Enforce your rights in Christ!


Ask the Father to open your understanding to the mysteries of the life of God dwelling in your spirit.

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