All power and authority belong to God

God hath spoken once; Twice have I heard this; That power belongeth unto God (Psalm 62:11 KJV)

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What a fascinating scripture from the Psalmist!

God spoke it once, and he heard it twice that power belongs to God. This statement is loaded with insight and revelation into who our God is and how power operates. It states emphatically that power belongs to God. He is the owner and source of all power.

Power, in essence, is the ability to act or do something. Think of your physical body. Your muscles give you the capacity to move or stand. Your mind gives you the ability to think. You can talk. Etc. All these are manifestations of inherent physical or natural power. There is also spiritual power, of the angels and of demons included. 

Authority is closely related to power. It is the right and freedom to use power. Power is exercised through authority. For example, as a human being, your body has the inherent power to move around as described above. That power is completely under your control. You have the right and freedom to move your body as you wish, and that is authority, which is the freedom and right to use power. 

If you put all these in the context of the verse above, a remarkable insight comes to light. All power, physical or spiritual, in any manifestation, ultimately comes from God. Even Satan and demonic power originally came from God though it is being abused. That means Satan cannot simply do anything he wants. He is under authority and control. 

Our God is truly omnipotent. And the mind-blowing truth is that this power has been given to us in Christ!


What is the difference between power and authority? Please think about the verse above. Says it to yourself repeatedly as you meditate on its meaning.


Do you now understand why Satan cannot just do whatever he wants on earth or in your life? The  authority and power must be given to him. All power belongs to God, and that is why we call Him Almighty! Rest in Him!


Take a moment to praise and worship the Almighty God and father! 

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