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Walking in Truth vs the Gifts of the Spirit

I rejoiced greatly that I found of thy children walking in Truth, as we have received a commandment from the Father (2 John 4 KJV)

Walking in the Spirit showing a man waking with a briefcase

Let me share in today’s devotional a profound truth the Spirit of the Lord has shown me in the scriptures. I will attempt to condense some of it in brief writing, but I often talk about it during our Deshen Live Bible Studies. It is the difference between walking in the Truth and walking in the gifts of the Spirit. God has given to us both, and we certainly should function with both of them. However, Truth far exceeds the gifts of the Spirit.

The gifts of the Spirit, in summary, are supernatural abilities the Spirit gives to enable us to serve or minister to others. Let me use the example of the healing of our bodies when we are sick. God has given amongst us ministers with this gift. When we need healing, they can minister that gift to us and bring about healing through different means such as the laying on of hands whether the receiver understands or even believes or not.

Walking in the Truth is different. Truth is knowledge of God brought to us by the Word. Truth functions differently because it mandates understanding, believing, and acting out what we know. For example, taking “by His stripes we were healed,” understanding it, believing it, and becoming healed without anyone laying their hands on you or praying for you! That is Truth at work. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of the Church is far away from here, but this is God’s desire. This is the place of the mature in the faith called “sons of God” that Paul says creation is waiting to see, that is, those who are full of the Word and Spirit walking in maturity and in the fullness of Christlikeness.


What is the difference between Truth and Gifts of the Spirit, as noted above?


Truth demands spiritual maturity in the wisdom and power of God. It is a higher realm of glory. The Spirit is calling you and me into this realm of glory, to live as visible manifestations of the invisible God here on earth.


Please ask the Spirit to bring us into the maturity Christ so desires for us. 

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