Understanding spiritual authority

And say unto him, By what authority doest thou these things? and who gave thee this authority to do these things? (Mark 11:28 KJV)

 Authority, in essence, is the RIGHT and the FREEDOM to exercise power or CONTROL. The spheres of control can be internal, which is within our very being, such as controlling our emotions or external such as ruling other people(eg a king), demons or inanimate objects such as the wind.

The questions of the Pharisees above reveal deep insights into the way authority operates. They asked two questions: “by what authority?” and “who gave thee this authority?”. All power and authority belong to God and He gives authority to both angels and human beings. So all authority is delegated from God, and each one of us has our own sphere of authority as human beings and in our specific roles.

The words “right” and “freedom” noted above are critical to understanding authority. We own the authority and it is under our will and control. We have the right to use it as we want and please. That is why authority in the wrong hands is a disaster. 

Authority operates in the exercise of CONTROL over things, certain people( eg your kids) or demons. Authority gives us the right and freedom to control things from our freewill. This might make some of you scratch your head but you must understand this. God rules through you, and until YOU are in charge, He cannot be. 


What is the relationship between authority and power?


There is a sphere of authority delegated by God to you. As a human being, for example, you have the right to choose. That right has been smashed by sin and Satan. Who amongst us will choose disease instead of health or poverty instead of wealth? We cannot freely choose such things today because our authority as humans has been tampered with. Christ has restored that authority over demons and the circumstances of life. Grow, grow in it until Mark 11:23 becomes a daily reality. 


Ask the Spirit to help you grow in your spiritual authority delegated to you  by the Father to you. 

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