Top Designer Clothes from Heaven

For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ  (Galatians 3:27, KJV)

I love picking out figurative language in scripture because it opens my understanding to comprehend what the Lord is saying fully. Sometimes they are not very obvious, such as in the verse above. The phrase “put on” is one word in the Greek, literally means to clothe oneself or dress up. This is a subtle yet profound truth.  Galatians 3:27 essentially means anyone who has been baptized( by the Spirit) into the Body of Christ, that is, became born again has put on Christ like a dress.  What does this mean?

What is the use of our clothes? They cover our bodies, speak about who we are and even  show off beauty and splendor! Do you know that your clothes are what people  SEE when they look at you? It is no chance that first impressions are made just by the way someone dresses up. Furthermore, we have different layers of clothing, even today. We have inner wears which are often hidden, then outerwear and finally a jacket if it is warm.  If you study the high priests’ garment in the Old Testament, you will find that it is in layers!

The innermost layer of clothing we put on is OUR NATURE in Christ. When you received Christ, you put on the divine nature in your spirit. That is what Gal. 3:27 is talking about. When God and spiritual beings see you, that is what they see! You are putting on the best designer clothes in heaven!


If the inner wear of our spiritual clothing refers to our nature, what about the other layers? See Isa. 61:10,  Col. 3:8-12.


Did you realize you have been dressed up by God Himself? When Adam sinned, God killed an animal and clothed them with animal skin, because they had lost a spiritual robe they had which was the glory of God. God has again clothed us, this time not from an animal that was killed as in Eden, but WITH   His Son who died for us to receive His very nature! You are well-dressed! Be conscious of what you are wearing!


Thank the Lord for the incredible privilege of putting on designer clothes from heaven.  

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