Toho Va Boho

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters (Genesis 1:2 KJV) 

Toho va boho image showing chaos in the earth

Toho va boho is the Hebrew phrase translated in English as “without form, and void”: Toho means “without form,” va means “and,” and boho means “void.” Although there are different theological opinions of why the earth was without form and avoid, we will focus on what God did with the formless and empty world.

Toho va boho describes a state without order or content. In Jeremiah 4:23, the phrase describes the condition of land after divine judgment. Think of a war-torn city today with nothing of value and no order. We can extend this analogy to our lives. Sin left humanity in a state of toho va boho. Similarly, life’s circumstances can become toho va boho before our eyes—empty, chaotic, hopeless, depressing, discouraging.  

The Creator changed the earth from toho va boho to  “very good”( Hebrew tob) by His Word and Spirit. He still changes hopeless situations in life  through the power of His Word and Spirit. By giving us His Word and Holy Spirit, the Father gave us the ability to function like Him. So we can change our world. While the Father dealt with the toho va boho of the physical universe, we have to deal with the toho va boho of sin, diseases, broken hearts, demonic oppressions, addictions, poverty, depression, shame, broken families, etc.

The divine response to toho va boho reminds us that there is hope as we face the challenges of this life. Do not despair, but find out what you need to make the Word and Spirit operate in your life and circumstances.

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What is the one primary virtue that activates the power of the Word and Spirit to change our world? ( See 1 John 5:4).

Apply the Word

You can change your world by the power of God. Do not be depressed, desperate, or discouraged because of the many troubles. Instead, give yourself entirely to what it takes to operate in the Word and Spirit. 

Ask the Father to help you bring order and beauty to any toho va boho circumstances in your life. 

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