Time to Fan to Flames the “Berean spirit?

These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so (Acts 17:11, KJV)

I often talk about the Bereans in our Glory & Grace Daily devotionals or the Live Bible studies. Berea was a  Gentile City besides Thessalonica that the Apostle Paul went into after he was persecuted by the Jews in Thessalonica. You can tell from the mood of the  verse  above that the Lord was pleased with the attitude of these Bereans. In fact, the Spirit called their attitude “noble”. What did these Bereans do?

Paul was facing fierce opposition from the Jews as He preached Jesus as the Messiah. The Jews persecuted him from city to city and could not handle the Gospel message of grace. However, when Paul got to Berea and preached to them the Gospel. The men in the synagogue went into the scriptures themselves every single day as they listened to Paul to verify for themselves if what Paul was teaching was actually true or not. The next verse records, “Therefore many of them believed..” (Acts 17:12, KJV).

This attitude is so precious in the eyes of the Lord that He calls it “noble.” This is what I call the “Berean spirit.” By “spirit” here, I mean “attitude” or “disposition.” The Church is in dire need of an outpouring of this spirit. God has graced us with amazing ministers of every office. However, no minister has been graced to replace the scriptures in your life. I have said it before, and I will say it again, that the coming glorious move of God requires the believers to be established personally in the truth of the Word.  Sadly, many believers are just too superficial. They love God, are excited about the things of the Spirit but are just too superficial in their intimate knowledge of God. Many of them seem to be relating to God through their Pastor’s revelation of God. God wants each of us to be established personally in the truth, and He will use ministers and ministers like ours to help “equip you” for this ( Ephesians. 4:12). May the Lord pour upon us the Berean spirit!


Was God pleased with the attitude of these Bereans? 


Do you have a personal revelation of God? These devotionals are my revelation of God. God will use them to bring you into your personal revelation of Him. My prayer is you will not build a castle around the revelation in these devotionals but rather be equipped and stirred to seek God at a personal level! 


Ask the Lord to help you fan to flames the Berean spirit in you. 

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