The Two Hands of God

Thou hast a mighty arm: strong is thy hand, and high is thy right hand (Ps. 89:13 KJV)

The two hands of God

Does God have an arm or a hand? The answer depends on what you mean by “arm” or “hand”! If you mean a physical, bodily arm or hand, the answer is no. God does not have a physical body( at least before Jesus!). If you mean a figurative arm or hand, then, yes, God has an arm and a hand. And He has two hands just like us. Indeed we were made in His image!

So what is the figurative arm or hand of the Lord? The meaning is seen in the verse above. Notice the words “mighty,” “strong,” and “high.” The arm or hand of God is simply the power of God. When you read the prophets of old saying, “the hand of the Lord was upon me,” they were not talking about a physical hand but the power of God coming upon them.

Let us go further to think about what we do with our hands. What is the primary function of our hands? They allow us to do things or accomplish tasks. When we want to do something in the physical body, we use our hands to accomplish the task. When God wants to do something, anything, and in fact everything He does, He uses His hands, that is, His power!

God accomplishes His tasks by His power through  His Spirit and His Word. He does nothing without His Word, and whatever He does by His Word is performed by His Spirit. The Word is spoken or sent forth by His Spirit! The Word and the Spirit are not options for us to major in one or the other. God does not choose which hand to use amongst the two. He does everything He does by the TWO!!

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How did God use His hands to create the world? ( See John 1:3, Job 26:13).

This is the most exciting part of this truth—a man can be an extension of God’s hands! That is, God’s power at work in a man can accomplish what He wants to do. Jesus as a man is God’s Hand or arm stretched forth to save humanity( Isa. 53:1, Isa. 52:10). The believer in Christ is God’s hand-stretched forth to rescue this dying world and subdue the kingdom of darkness! Arise and shine, child of God! You are destined for great things.

Thank the Lord for creating us in His image and giving us such a wonderful blessing in Christ. 

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