The Name of the LORD is a Strong Tower

The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe (Prov. 18:10 KJV)

The Name of the LORD, that is, Yahweh or Jehovah, is a strong tower. The righteous runs into it whenever there is a crisis and is safe. The LORD uses the figure of a fortified tower, castle or stronghold where people can run into it to take shelter in times of war. We can compare it to tornado hideouts today.  Whenever there is a tornado warning, residents in private homes or public places can run into  special rooms which are relatively safe.  The scripture says  God’s Name is like that hideout that shields His people from the storms of life.

The Name “Jesus,” God’s Name revealed to us in the New Testament, is the total of all the Jehovah titles and Names of God in the Old Testament. Whatever Jehovah revealed to the Jews in His Names, Jesus is the fulfillment of that revelation to us! That means the Name Jesus is a strong tower for the righteousness who live in it to find shelter from the storms of life.

He says “ be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.” You are safe in Him. Everything that is in the world, including the satanic powers that rule in darkness, has been overcome by Christ. Whoever is in Him is safe, secure, protected and preserved. The Name of Jesus has been given to us not only to exercise His authority but to be a shelter to protect us from the arrows of the wicked one.


Can you think of two Jehovah titles in the  Old Testament and find their fulfillment in the Name of Jesus in the New Testament?


Jesus says to you “fear not”! Do not be afraid of the economy. Do not be frightened by what is happening to your nation. Do not be fearful of the kingdom of darkness. His Name is your house. His Name is your address, and your enemies know it is a fortified location! Trust in Him and be still.


Thank the Lord for being a wall around us to protect us from the evil in the world. 

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