The mystery of what the Word of God really is

Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God (Philippians 2:6 KJV)

It will be a struggle to explain the mystery of the Word of God in a short devotional. However, I pray you fully capture this revelation, and above all else, let me inspire you to study for yourself the things I will discuss below. What really is the Word of God?

The phrase “form of God” above captures the mystery of what the Word is. The Greek Word translated “form” above is “morphe”. There are two key truths that are embedded in this Word, which are hard to express in English. The first is “essence,” and the second is “expression”. Essence means the true and exact nature of God, meaning Christ was fully God, and expression means that nature is revealed in some way for creation to see. 

These two words “essence” and “expression”, capture the heart of what the Word of God is. It is God Himself in revelation, expression or manifestation. In the Old Testament, God was revealed mainly as His spoken words or some form of physical appearances such as fire, cloud, etc. Then the most astonishing event in all eternity took place as noted in  John 1:14. God became a human being. He was no longer just expressing Himself in spoken words or through some form of appearances. He became a Man. He became flesh! Jesus, the Man, went back to heaven, but the Word continues.

The Word was then given to us as the written scriptures. Remember, it is the same Word that was made flesh in the Man Jesus.  Human form is the highest revelation of the Word to us! But Jesus is no longer physically here. He is still on earth as the Word given to us in the Bible and as the Holy Spirit in us!   The Bible is the Word of God as written words, which in essence, is knowledge. God Himself is expressed in the knowledge of the scriptures. That is why you SEE God in the written Word. This truth is what many believers are yet to discover, that God is manifested and revealed in His knowledge. Your Bible will immediately take on a different spiritual significance once this truth is revealed to you. 


Can you distinguish between the different modes of expression of the Word and the essence of the Word?


I want you to personally study the word “form” in Philippians 2:6 above as the application for this devotional. This kind of study is called “Word Bible Study,” and we will cover it later in our Deshen School of the Spirit approaches to Bible study. However, I want you to develop the habit of verifying teachings and preachings you receive. Please study this word “form” and come back later to post your findings!


Ask the Spirit to open your understanding of the mystery of what the Word is to you.

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