The eyes of both were opened

And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons (Genesis 3:7 KJV)

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When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden, scripture says their eyes were opened and they knew they were naked. There are mysteries of the operations of the spirit realm revealed to us in the word “knew” in this verse. Let us start with the word “eyes”.

“Eyes” here is used figuratively to refer to what I typically call spiritual eyes or the heart’s eyes in contrast to the physical eyes  of the body. Just as the physical eye is the organ that allows us  to perceive physical reality, the heart’s spiritual eyes allow us to perceive spiritual reality. The word “perceive” in this context is not merely becoming aware but experiencing. Eg, you perceive your emotions, correct? You not only know that you have emotions( self-awareness) but you experience them. The spiritual eye is that which grants you access to the awareness and experience of spiritual realities.

If you understand this truth, then the phrase “they knew that they were naked” becomes more natural. The word “knew” is whatever happened after their spiritual eyes were opened. They became aware and experienced a spiritual reality( death) which they had not known before. Sin had made its way into the world. What the Lord does not say here but which is later revealed in the New Testament is that not only did a spiritual eye opened in Adam to see or know death( eg shame), the spiritual eye that could see and know life (God’s realm) closed in sinful man. The natural man cannot know God until God’s Spirit supernaturally intervenes.

But there is good news for us. There was also the  Tree of life in the Garden. Adam ate the tree that brought death. Jesus is the Tree of life and you ate of the fruit of that tree when you believed in Him. Just as Adam’s spiritual eyes opened after He ate the fruit, your spiritual eyes that see the Father were opened when you ate of the tree of life. That means you have now been brought into a place where you can not only know and become aware of divine realities but you can experience them. Eg the power, love, joy of the Spirit. Your eyes have been opened to the experience of the divine life!

As you feed on the Word of God, light is flooded on that eyes to see and that is how the Word of God brings you not only to know God intellectual but to experience Him.


I have compressed volumes of truth in the devotional above. Please re-read it if necessary to ensure you fully capture the truth. What is the meaning of “knew” in the verse above?


I pray the Lord will reveal to us the mystery of spiritual knowledge. Scripture says  “let the knowledge of Christ dwell in you richly” ( Colossians 3:16). He is not asking us to fill our heads with Bible knowledge. His purpose is to bring us into an experience of the divine nature and life through the mystery of God’s knowledge. Increase in the knowledge of God!


Ask God for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him ( Ephesians 1:17).

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