Surely Goodness and Mercy shall Follow Me

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. (Psalm 23:6, KJV)

David confidently embraced the divine truth in his life: the unwavering pursuit of God’s goodness and mercy. His life splendidly displayed this divine favor.

When David uses “shall follow me,” it paints a riveting image. This Hebrew phrase often describes pursuing an enemy to conquer. Yet, David personifies God’s goodness and mercy as devoted followers, not to destroy but to bestow unending favor upon him.

God’s goodness and mercy symbolize divine favor and accompanying blessings. We witness this favor tirelessly pursuing David, even during his exile from Absalom. It pursued David into the wilderness and brought him back to Jerusalem to restore his kingdom. Again, when David committed adultery and murder, the goodness and mercy of God still pursued him and restored him spiritually through repentance. 

But this is no mere poetic or symbolic imagery. Spiritual entities, indeed, can pursue us. Take the blessing of Abraham. Despite Israel’s rejection of Jesus, this blessing continues to follow them.  And just as blessings can follow, curses can, too, bring suffering, failure, and misery.

When David glanced over his shoulder, he saw God’s divine goodness and mercy on his heels. What do you see in your rearview mirror? What is pursuing you spiritually? In Christ, a greater favor from the Lord is ceaselessly pursuing you. You can only see it through the eyes of understanding Christ’s work and your unwavering faith in it. Open your spiritual eyes. See God’s grace in Christ doggedly following you. Let nothing else but goodness and mercy follow you. Even if something else not from God has been following you for years, take your stand in Christ and chase those evil pursuers. This is your divine right in Christ.


 Reflect deeply on Psalm 23:6 and proclaim those words in your life.

Act on the Word

Be mindful of what’s following you. Don’t let depression, fear, failure, anxiety, poverty, or disease dog your steps. Grasp what Jesus achieved for you and declare it persistently: empower your divine pursuers of grace and mercy by understanding, believing, and prophesying God’s Word in your life. 


Express your gratitude for His profound love showered upon you.

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