Strengthened with All Power 

Being strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy (Colossians 1:11, ESV)

The Lord wants you to be strengthened with all power. I have discussed in a recent devotional the meaning of power—God’s power. If you have not yet read this devotional, please do so here “Understanding God’s Power.” It will enable you to understand what is in this devotional fully.

Did you notice the three-letter word “all” in the verse above just before power? This word functions as an attributive adjective, adding clarity to the word “power.” The BDAG( a Greek-English lexicon) gives us an excellent definition of the Greek word “pas” translated “all” here. It says “to totality with focus on its individual components, each, every, any..”

It is used to describe the totality of something that has different components. Imagine there are ten coins in your bag. When you say “all the coins,” you mean the total of all the components. Now imagine you have an apple in your hands. If you say “ I ate all the apple,” the focus here of “all” is not in the individual components but in the totality of the  single entity. You can see the difference in meanings here in the word “all”. Not all “all’s” in the scripture, therefore, mean exactly the same thing! 

Now back to our scripture above. The phrase “all power” means the totality of the power of God with focus on its individual components. It immediately tells us there are different components or ways of expression of the power of God. There is power to do miracles, to cast out demons, to create wealth, to live a holy life etc. All these are merely different expressions of the power of God.  God wants you to be strengthened with ALL power!!!


Can you explain the two different ways discussed above in which “all” can be used in the scriptures? 


The power of God manifests in different ways. Do not neglect any of them. Desire the fullness of His  power. Desire to be filled with ALL of God’s power! 


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to empower you with all of God’s power to be a fruitful believer. 

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