Sing unto him a new song

Sing unto him a new song; Play skilfully with a loud noise (Psalm 33:3 KJV)

sing a new song unto the Lord showing  child with a guitar

Praising God is a central theme of the book of Psalms. It can be accomplished through different avenues such as singing, talking of His wonderful works, dancing, making a joyful noise, or just living out His glorious virtues as seen in the New Testament. In this verse, the Psalmist encourages us to sing unto the LORD a new song and play skillfully with a loud noise.

This verse is addressed to every one of God’s children. It is not an instruction limited to worship or praise leaders. As a child of God, there is power and glory in your songs! In fact, I would dare to say that the Lord takes delight in hearing you sing unto Him. Make a habit of singing unto the Lord. Do not restrict it to your time of prayer or during a time of “praise and worship” in Church. Talking about God’s works is a powerful avenue of praise all by itself. However, singing unto the Lord is a different avenue altogether.

The Psalmist does not only encourage us in this verse to sing unto the Lord but takes it further by asking us to sing a new song unto Him. There is a place for old songs, and there is no record the Lord gets “bored” with them! However, He clearly tells us here that there is a place for new songs. If you want to see how the Spirit works marvelously in you, open up yourself to receive and sing new songs. Sing unto the Lord and do so with a new song!


What is praise? What scripture can you think of which explains to us what praise is?


If you want to relate to God’s heart and build intimacy with Him, then take to heart what this devotional is teaching. Learn to praise Him continually through the different avenues. Sing unto Him, and when you do, sing a new song!


Ask the Spirit to help you cultivate the habit of singing and making melody with your heart and mouth unto the Lord. 

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