The Power of Vision 

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he(Proverbs 29:18 KJV).

Vision is an essential and formidable force. God created us with the capacity to see physically, mentally, and spiritually. When our sight in any of these areas is impaired, we suffer greatly.

A real-world example clearly illustrates this point. Consider a man looking for the woman of his dreams to marry. It is better for that man to see his potential wife for one second than to hear Shakespeare describe her for an entire day. A split second of observation is worth more than a million descriptive words!

Without vision, people perish. In a prior Deshen Daily, we explained that the term “vision” in Proverbs 29:18 refers to prophetic vision, a message from God. However, the principle applies to all forms of vision, including physical. In this article, we emphasize the importance of mental and spiritual vision.

Goals—mental vision— do something to the one who sets them: they inspire enthusiasm, unlock hidden potential, strengthen determination, and sharpen our focus. Consequently, it is essential to keep your goals in focus: every sight of them triggers a profound reaction within you. Do not live life without goals; otherwise, you will squander precious years, resources, and energy, making little to no progress—you will perish in suffering, failures, disappointments, etc.

Mental vision is important, yet it pales in comparison to spiritual vision. One crucial result of spiritual vision is transformation: when we see God (know Him), we are transformed to be like Him—transformed literally! (2 Cor. 3:18).

If you want to succeed spiritually, socially, financially, etc., you must see. Open your eyes, therefore, and see! 


What is vision? Why is knowing considered seeing spiritually?

Apply the Word

Just as Hagar was blinded to the well near her, some of us reading this article might be blinded to money all around us (no mental vision). Or there is someone currently buffeted by demons, yet there is power in them, except that they cannot see it—no spiritual vision. Open your eyes and see!


Ask the Spirit to open your mental and spiritual eyes.

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