Overcoming Spiritual Dryness

He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit. (Jeremiah 17:8, ESV)

Have you ever experienced distance from God, as if your spiritual life has withered and become barren? Spiritual dryness, a common phenomenon among believers, can hinder your relationship with God. It’s crucial to conquer spiritual dryness and cultivate a thriving connection with the Lord.

Spiritual dryness arises when a believer loses practical access to the life-giving water of God’s presence and power, leading to a struggle to maintain the Christian life and produce spiritual fruit. Symptoms of spiritual dryness include spiritual emptiness, a hardened heart, lack of spiritual fruit, recurring spiritual setbacks, spiritual instability, an unbearable hunger for God, etc.

Jeremiah 17:8 vividly illustrates a tree planted by the stream, with green leaves and bearing fruit continuously. Conversely, a desert tree barely surviving with yellow, wilting leaves and dry branches symbolizes a life burdened by spiritual dryness.

Identifying the signs of spiritual dryness is the first step toward overcoming it. We can begin by self-examining our lives, looking for any of the symptoms of spiritual dryness mentioned above. What image would come to your mind if you were asked to picture your spiritual life? Is it thriving like a tree by the rivers of God or struggling like a withered tree in the desert?

A primary factor contributing to spiritual dryness is neglecting one’s devotional life. Failing to consistently nourish oneself with the Word of God and engage in prayer leaves us vulnerable to spiritual dehydration. Apart from the devotional life, living in sin, disobedience, or unbelief can also lead to spiritual barrenness.

The Lord yearns for you to be like the flourishing palm tree planted by the stream, adorned with green leaves and abundant fruit.


Revisit Jeremiah 17:8 above. Contemplate its meaning and how it applies to your life.

Apply the Word

Assess your spiritual life for indications of dryness. If you detect any, take action by addressing any specific root causes in your life.


Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in overcoming spiritual dryness, restoring your relationship with God, and empowering you to thrive like the tree planted by the stream.

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