Occupy Till I Come

And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come (Lk. 19:13 KJV)

Occupy till I come image showing a man sawing wood with a chain saw

Living for God and working for Him is comparable to the two sides of a coin. God has a life for us to live and work for us to do. Although a healthy relationship with God is a mandatory foundation, the Lord also has His business on earth He wants us to be actively engaged in. Therefore, loving Jesus, living a holy life, or attending a great Church is not enough; we must be actively involved in our Father’s business.

The parable of the nobleman who distributed his money to his servants reveals what God thinks about our involvement in activities that promote His interests on earth. In this parable, the nobleman distributed his fortune to his servants and departed for a far country. But before he left, he commanded his servants to “occupy till I come.” His command revealed his expectation: he wanted the servants to do something with what they had received.

The term occupy in this parable means to trade or do business. It connotes the idea of using initial capital to turn a profit through various business activities. So, there are at least three key ideas embedded in it: initial capital, active trading or engagement in business, and making profits. But the lesson from this parable, as expected, is not literal but figurative; the parable instructs us on God’s expectations for the gifts He gives us. The initial capital represents the gifts God has given us. The active trading represents spiritual activities that serve people. The profits represent the gains we make for the kingdom of God.

We occupy in God’s House when we use our gifts to serve people and expand God’s kingdom by bringing in the lost or building up the saints. God has an eye on the effects of our lives, resources, time, talents, and activities on others. Please remember, as I have taught before, that ministry is essentially serving people; it is not primarily the title, buildings, staff, or material resources, although all these are important.

Occupy in God’s House till Jesus comes. And He is coming soon. Your life, time, gifts, and resources should be fully employed to build God’s House:  bringing in new stones (winning the lost) and polishing the lively stones already in the building (strengthening or building up the Church). Do not let Him come and find you as that fig tree, which was fresh and leafy (loving Jesus, living holy, etc.) but had no fruit (had nothing to show from the gifts the Father gave you).

In what ways can we occupy God’s House?

Every believer has a gift from God that God expects them to use. Some of us will be on platforms, while others will never be publicly heard or seen. Whatever the case, be sure you use God’s initial deposit (the gift) to serve people and build His House. Do not be an unprofitable believer in God’s House.

Ask the Spirit to strengthen you to occupy more in His business than previously.

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